Francis Ellis joins cast of indie comedy ‘The Rest of Your Life’

Four by Three
2 min readDec 17, 2020


Comedian Francis Ellis joins cast of The Rest of Your Life

Comedian, actor and writer Francis Ellis has officially joined The Rest of Your Life, taking on the role of Steven… Amanda’s newest pal in New York City.

Francis Ellis hosts Oops the Podcast, alongside Giulio Gallarotti. Additionally, he has written for Barstool Sports, where he hosted the popular Sirius XM morning radio show Barstool Breakfast with Willie Colon and Large.

When there isn’t a global pandemic happening, he performs most nights in New York. Francis has also toured and performed in China, Australia, Sweden, British Columbia, and across the United States. In May 2019, Francis filmed his first stand-up special Bad Guy, which is available on Barstool Gold.

Michael Pomeroy and Francis Ellis on the set of The Rest of Your Life

The Rest of Your Life is a coming-of-age story about Brian (Michael Pomeroy), a post-grad office drone in Ohio whose girlfriend Amanda (Brittany Brave) moves to New York City for medical school, forcing him to confront and shed the bonds of his family and suburban society’s expectations, with the help of his co-worker George (Matt Hardy).

Four by Three presents The Rest of Your Life a Michael Pomeroy film, coming Fall 2021. IMDb: